Mike had been suggesting that we take a trip to Yosemite for a while now. For a while now, the juice did not seem worth the squeeze. 

Every since Micah was a tiny baby, he hated being in the car. It's funny, because I was a very fussy baby, and the car seemed to be the only thing to calm ME down. But there I go thinking that I might have had anything figured out before becoming a mother. ha. No, he hated the car, and he still hates the car. 

Anyway, I got brave. We put a podcast on, and hit the road! I was utterly shocked! We made it! I didn't barf from turning around every 35 seconds to put something in his mouth so he didn't scream. I didn't barf from the windy road getting to the cabin. We did get there, and we did have the best two days ever! Micah started walking around because the cabin was carpeted (much safer than our wood floors - smart boy). We biked around all day and pretended that napping wasn't a big deal. We watched Harry Potter dvds, and took a family bath! 

I gotta get brave more often!

Life for me began on a military base in upstate New York.  I bounced around like army brats do, eventually landing in Exeter, PA.  Facing those harsh east coast winters year after year was my drive to get someplace warm...Los Angeles sounded nice at the time, so that's what I worked for.