Where the heck does time go? I know, every single parent has this question, but like...really? It isn't real, that's all I know. 

This year for Micah's birthday, we just took him to his favorite place - the ocean! He screeches out loud and bounds toward the sea, sporting the biggest smile you've ever seen! We had been suffering a heat wave (ya know, that pesky global warming thing) and scored major at the coast today! 

This day went by as quickly as all the others. I held him a little longer tonight as he drifted to dream land. Remember to do that from time to time, it's those memories we'll hold onto the tightest. 

Life for me began on a military base in upstate New York.  I bounced around like army brats do, eventually landing in Exeter, PA.  Facing those harsh east coast winters year after year was my drive to get someplace warm...Los Angeles sounded nice at the time, so that's what I worked for.