You guys! Here is the last of the beard with his bump! We had a lot of medical concerns arise the last few weeks. Micah had a slow heart beat at the last few visits, and we've been monitoring that with Non stress tests every three days. We (I) was planning an unmedicated home birth, and we were working with our Midwife this whole time. Today, we were told we had to get to the hospital right away, HOSPITAL! Micah needed to come today, for his safety and mine. So now, with a very unpacked hospital bag, we wait in the waiting room. 

Life for me began on a military base in upstate New York.  I bounced around like army brats do, eventually landing in Exeter, PA.  Facing those harsh east coast winters year after year was my drive to get someplace warm...Los Angeles sounded nice at the time, so that's what I worked for.