Pee in the pod.

The incessant need to urinate. Yeah, its one of the things I'm looking forward to going away the most! I understand the why, really science, I do. That doesn’t mean I have to like it!! 

At first I tried holding it as long as I could. You know, letting it “brew” a little. That way I could just get it all out at once. Well, then I heard my moms voice in my head “its not good to hold it Amanda, you’ll give yourself and infection”. Moms voice in my head, or just succumb to the commode? Bathroom breaks it is! 

Life for me began on a military base in upstate New York.  I bounced around like army brats do, eventually landing in Exeter, PA.  Facing those harsh east coast winters year after year was my drive to get someplace warm...Los Angeles sounded nice at the time, so that's what I worked for.