Salt & Vinegar.

I was waiting to enter my first journal until something very “wow girl, you really are pregnant” happened! 

The first two months of my pregnancy, my face was more like that of a 12 year old boy than that which I had grown to call my own. I knew it was because of the hormonal shift, but being that I pay my bills with that lil ol’ thang…I searched for remedies to dry up the zits! I did all the things like a honey mask, a clay mask, and of course tons of water!! Much to my dismay, nothing seemed to work. I finally succumbed to the hormone gods, and allowed it to take its course. I can report, that after the first trimester, the break out cleared up! Lucky for me :) 

Aside from breaking out, I didn’t have very many “pregnancy symptoms”. My first pregnancy ended by miscarriage a few months prior, so any little sign was actually a blessing for me. 

Now that Im further along and can reflect a little on my experience, I think I am finding things that were signs, and I just didn’t notice. Like, eating an entire bag of salt and vinegar chips, at 9am… Yah, that’ll do it. I’ll start my blog. 

Life for me began on a military base in upstate New York.  I bounced around like army brats do, eventually landing in Exeter, PA.  Facing those harsh east coast winters year after year was my drive to get someplace warm...Los Angeles sounded nice at the time, so that's what I worked for.